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M106-3: 3. Lina and Zara vs Simon
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M106-3: 3. Lina and Zara vs Simon
M106-3: 3. Lina and Zara vs Simon

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M106-3: 3. Lina and Zara vs Simon

In this one-off 30-minute encounter, Simon a diminutive male whose efforts at wrestling are never more than futile is destroyed and humiliated by the expert pairing of Lina and Zara, who wear sexy PVC outfits and thigh-high heeled boots. Zara is an experienced British dominatrix who has a long history of competitive and mixed wrestling, and her friend is a gorgeous blonde Scandinavian who is every bit as skilled. Simon, as always, offers precisely zero in terms of resistance, as these two powerful and confident women manipulate and destroy him. First Lina, a assassin in black, and then Zara, who wears hot pink, have their fun with him, transferring him from vicious head scissors to uncompromising arm and leg locks. They compound his discomfort with the odd bit of whipping and tickling. Finally, both girls collaborate, trussing him like a hog at both the ankles and wrists. They proceed to hurt and humiliate him further, even standing on his back in their high-heeled boots. Festelle collectors may wish to know that the last minute of this film, with the two girls in full control, appeared on M74 as a teaser clip.Download more free tickling videos on tickle-torture.com! Tags: hairpulling,tit slapping,real fight,pussyfights,female fighting,face sitting,breast smothers,tit squeezing,catfight movies,mixed
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