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[Silvie Luca] Just What I Needed - S10:E14 - Apr 27, 2014
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[Silvie Luca] Just What I Needed - S10:E14 - Apr 27, 2014
[Silvie Luca] Just What I Needed - S10:E14 - Apr 27, 2014

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[Silvie Luca] Just What I Needed - S10:E14 - Apr 27, 2014

Beautiful brunette Silvie Luca is in the midst of deciding what she wants to do with her day when she realizes that she knows exactly what her first step will be: satisfying the urges of her horny body! Her hands slip beneath her shirt to tickle her flat belly, and then even higher to caress her medium breasts and hard puffy nipples. Encouraged by how good those touches feel, she peels off her shirt and then her thong so that she can settle in for some morning masturbation. When her fingers wander down to test her pale pink slit, Silvie finds herself already wet with her juices. She starts a slow massage that spreads her essence up and down her puffy pussy lips, leaving her clit slick and easily massaged by her talented fingers. Repositioning herself so that her long legs are spread even further, Silvie continues her slow clitoris massage as she gradually works herself towards her ultimate goal. Her circling fingers increase their speed a little bit at a time, building up the anticipation beautifully. Soon, the brunette
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